How much can I earn as a Web Designer?

When starting off in any job, it is important to know how much you can earn and how easy it is to earn a higher salary. Web Designers can earn a very generous salary but similar to most jobs, the more experience you have, the more you will earn.

There are many ways to increase your salary including the option of being a contractor. Web Design as a skill also allows you to do extra freelance work on the side of your job to earn you extra money.

In general, the range in salary for a web designer can be between £17,000 anywhere up to around £50,000 for an experienced, quality web designer. The typical starting salary is normally between £17,000 and £26,000 and an average salary of £35,000.

Web Designing gives you the opportunity to own your own business in which you can design websites yourself without having to share your earnings. You can earn from around £1,000 per site which could take you two working days to create.

The average salary can also depend on the area of the job. Below are some average starting salaries for major cities in the UK:

  • London- £26,000
  • Manchester- £21,000
  • Edinburgh- £17,000
  • Glasgow- £21,000
  • Birmingham- £21,000
  • Leeds- £21,000
  • Leicester- £17,000

In order to earn more within Web Design, it is most beneficial to gain experience and skills in other areas such as SEO and coding for example PHP. which will increase your abilities to provide you with a wider range of services to offer. As well as this it is beneficial to build up a portfolio of your experience that you can demonstrate to employers and clients.

The hours can be fairly flexible with Web Design. The normal hours worked are generally 9-5.30 but extra hours are always there to take in if need be and if there is a project that needs to be finished by a certain deadline. There is also the possibility of working from home and working part time.

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