The Benefits of Training Online for a Web Design Career

We have reached an age in technology where we have access to a vast amount of information at the click of a button and this has had a massive impact on our daily lives. We are able to connect with friends and family across the globe, keep up to date with breaking news as it unfolds and find answers to near-enough any question within a matter of minutes.

But one of the greatest benefits of this wealth of information is the ability to gain a new skill set and gain certifications that are internationally recognised from respected and reputable companies such as Adobe and CIW – all from the comfort of your own home. Accredited course providers, such as ITonlinelearning, make it possible for anyone with an interest in bettering their professional capacity to start and develop a career in their chosen industry.


The most obvious benefit of training online for a web design career is the fact that you needn’t leave your house to gain your certification. This means that there are no long commuting times and you have the ability to start compiling your portfolio while completing your studies – something that is vital to starting your career as a Web Designer.

You are also able to arrange your studies around your own schedule, unlike in a classroom environment. Most course providers will ensure that you have access to your courses for an extended period of time, giving you the opportunity to study at times that are convenient to you whilst taking family and work responsibilities into account. This means that you can revise any sections of work as often as you like, ensuring that you are properly prepared for your exams when the time comes.

Range of courses

Once you have decided that web design is the career that you would like to pursue, you will have to decide on which courses to study. The range of options can be overwhelming but being spoilt for choice can be a good thing. It is important to find a course provider that is able to guide you in the right direction, taking into account your skill level and your specific needs as far as your web design career progression is concerned.

Many course providers are able to compile a bundle of courses that are geared towards a specific student and, very often, this is done at a discounted rate when you choose to have the cost of your exams included in your payment. Once you have completed your chosen courses, you will always have the option of furthering your studies by taking on more advanced web design courses, ensuring that your career and skills develop at a steady rate.


Having access to as many reliable web design resources as possible can make your studies much easier and can see you gain your qualification much faster, as you will have any information that you need at your fingertips. Online libraries, journals, E-books and case studies are a good way to further your knowledge of web design processes.

This is a good way to ensure that you are properly prepared for your exams. Further reading will help you gain a superior understanding of what you have learned and will often teach you to utilise tips and tricks that are not covered in your course syllabus.

Cost effective

The cost to study web design at a university or in a classroom setting can run into exorbitant figures and often leaves students with large amounts of debt to pay off. Studying online has proven to be a cost effective alternative with many course providers offering payment plans and discounts on course bundles and group training.

In conclusion

Taking into account the cost of commuting, text books and classroom fees, it is easy to see that online learning is far easier on the budget. Add to that factors such as increased memory retention due to superior revision options, interactive learning and progress quizzes and it quickly becomes apparent why studying online has grown in popularity and continues to do so at an astonishing rate.