What are the job opportunities for Web designers?

Web Designers are still very much in demand. Whether you’re starting out in Web Design or an experienced Web Designer there looks to be plenty of career opportunities in the Job Market.

The average permanent web design salary is currently around £42,000, while a contract daily rate was approximately £410. Permanent salaries look set to rise again in 2016 after steady growth for the last couple of years for Web Designers.

On WebDesignjobs.co.uk there are currently over 900 jobs live* covering a wide range of opportunities from Junior Web Designers to Senior Web Designer/Developers and covering skills including Flash and Photoshop. If you want the pick of the best jobs it is important that you have an excellent portfolio and, ideally, a great website. For web designers, clients or employers can be instantly impressed or turned off within seconds of looking at the portfolio presented by a candidate.

So 2016 will offer plenty of job opportunities for Junior and Mid-weight Web Designers, however landing the job you are after can rely heavily on presenting your credentials in the best possible way. This, unfortunately, is the downfall of many candidates.

This demand for Web Designers is expected to increase given the continued growth of e-commerce. A potential barrier to this growth is the increasing popularity and availability of off the shelf web packages that provide template designs. This growth of template designs means that websites are less bespoke in terms of functionality, user experience and overall look. It demonstrates a clear lack of innovation and uniqueness in design.

In terms of skill sets, HTML5 and CSS3 will become more and more popular. It is also expected (unsurprisingly really) that there will be a continued massive increase in smart phone and tablet usage. As a result, the use of mobile design and mobile navigation will be increasingly important and an in-demand skill.

Additionally, one other area of web design that is widely discussed is Responsive Web Design. A single design will be enough to allow a site to display correctly across multiple desktop and mobile gadgets. Some call responsive web design not just a trend, but the next web design generation. It is currently on top of the list of trends for the next year, thanks to the ability of this technology to eliminate problems related to the size of the layout.

*as of 21/9/2015

Salary data sourced from Technojobs.co.uk